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Exploring Our Sex

Exploring Our Sex

Sex is something we never really learn how to do. We pick it up, usually by trial and error, though experimenting with other people or from porn (and while porn is fun, it’s not real life sex).

None of these options are really great ways to learn, and sometimes these lead to unhelpful habits being developed, or putting ourselves in non-ideal situations.

We often know very little about sex, how our bodies work for sex and why we feel like we do.

Sex Should Be Fun

Sex is meant to be fun and exciting. It can make us feel connected, delicious and complete.

For many people it is none of these things.

It is my role to act as a guide for people to help them explore their sexual identity, walking with them on the path they choose.

I’ve been working with sex for men in various forms for the last eight years. in 2017 I completed a course in how to help people explore better sex.

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Sex Coach

I’m now expanding and combining my skills to offer people a way to create better quality sexual experiences in a safe and judgement free space.

My sessions are not just bump and grind. They are structured with an educational direction. We sit down and chat about you, why you are here and what you are looking to get out of this experience. Goals are set and aims explored before we go ahead and try what had been planned.

A session goes for an hour and a half on average and are currently $180 as a base price (please ask for more information). Sessions can be naked, clothed or in-between and we will explore these states together.

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Fill out the form below to contact me. Alternatively you can contact me via phone, however please let me know your interested in my EROTIC SEX COACHING as have a range of services. I’m often available with notice and sometimes with short notice.

(the more notice you give - the better chance I’m available for a session).


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